Abby Kury

Abby Kury is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience scaling start-ups and digital marketing agencies across Asia. He has a proven track record in successfully overseeing branding and graphic design strategies, enhancing the visual identities of numerous businesses.

Abby's journey in graphic design began with a personal experience that sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. Faced with the challenge of finding a reliable and innovative branding solution for his own start-up, Abby co-founded Brandripe, a pioneering creative solution focused on solving the branding and graphic design needs of businesses.

Through Brandripe, he aimed to bridge the gap between businesses and captivating visual identities, enabling companies to establish strong brand recognition and engage with their target audiences effectively.

Beyond his professional achievements, Abby finds joy in participating in sports and cherishing quality time with his family. These activities not only fuel his creativity but also provide him with a well-rounded perspective, benefiting his work and personal life alike.

Abby Kury's unwavering dedication to graphic design, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, has propelled him to the forefront of the industry. His expertise, accomplishments, and commitment to innovation continue to shape the way businesses approach branding and visual communication.

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