How to change your virtual Zoom background + 35 examples

July 5, 2022 Written by Abby Kury

“Are you free for a video call now?” Eight simple yet effective words that can cause anxiety and stress.

You only have five minutes until the call starts and you have to decide on how to use your time – should you do a quick read on the meeting agenda or tidy up your room?

Take it from us: don’t get yourself off to a bad start by jumping onto that Zoom call worried about looking professional as you work from your bed or among your laundry pile. Instead, change your Zoom background into whatever suits the general mood or your fancy!

Not sure what to change it to? Don’t worry, read on and glance through our suggestions in this article, but first let’s go through the basics of how you can change your Zoom background design in the first place.

What are the system requirements for Zoom virtual background?

  1. According to Zoom, the system requirements to use the virtual background are as follows:
  • iOS
    • Zoom mobile app, version 5.3.0 or higher
    • iPhone 8, 8+, X, or newer models
    • 5th and 6th generation 9.7" iPad
    • 7th generation and higher 10.2” iPad
    • iPad Pro

  • Android
    • Zoom mobile app, version 5.3.0 or higher
    • Android 8.0 or higher
    • Only the following phone manufacturers are supported:

      1. Google
      2. OnePlus
      3. Oppo
      4. Redmi
      5. Samsung
      6. Vivo
      7. Xiaomi
      8. Huawei
    • Windows - I5 Dual Core or higher
    • macOS - macOS 10.13 or later
  1. You will need to use a Zoom client of 5.10.6 or higher.

If you do not meet these two requirements, your video will not turn on.

How to change your Zoom background

  1. First, register for a Zoom account (if you haven’t already).
  2. If you are using a desktop, then download the Zoom Desktop client on your Mac or Windows computer.
  3. If you are using Android or iOS, download the Zoom App.
  4. Once you have the software, open the app and log into your Zoom account.
  5. Click the gear icon in the top right-hand corner to reach the Settings.
  6. Search for Virtual Background on the left menu.
  7. You can choose from one of Zoom’s default backgrounds or click + icon to upload your own image.
  8. Don’t worry about committing to the image, you can change it easily by clicking the ^ arrow next to “Stop Video” and selecting “Choose Virtual Background” to change or turn off your Zoom background.

Extra tips

  • Use a green screen or green fabric for your background for a higher-quality viewing experience.
  • You’d want to make sure that your clothing does not have the same colour as your green screen as you might disappear into the background.
  • The background image should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Free backgrounds for Zoom

While there are a few default images you can use for your virtual background, Zoom also offers the option for you to upload your own background images. In this article, we curate 35 free virtual background images that you can use for your next Zoom meeting.

     1. Your dream office

You can practically use Zoom’s virtual background feature as a vision board or leave hints to your boss on the kind of office you’d want.

image 2 Image: Unsplash

     2. Coffee shop background

Coffee makes everything better, so get your meeting off to a great start by setting the scene that everyone will appreciate (including tea lovers).

image 3 Image: Pixabay

     3. Pandemic-related background

Has your boss been talking about returning to the office? Perhaps a pandemic-related background can make them reconsider.

image 4 Image: Pixabay

     4. Festive Background

As a cultural melting pot, Malaysia is home to a variety of festivities throughout the year. Proudly showcase your festive spirit with this kind of backgrounds.

image 5 Image: Unsplash

image 6 Image: Pixabay

image 7 Image: Freepik

     5. European travel background

Since travel restrictions have recently been lifted, now is the best time for you to start cashing in your vacation time and plan your European adventure. This would be a good conversation starter with your clients (or boss) and you can even use the opportunity to let them know of your travel dates.

image 8 Image: Unsplash

image 9 Image: Unsplash

     6. Environmental awareness background

If your company advocates for environmentally friendly practices, you can use this background as an opportunity to start a conversation with your clients, suppliers and colleagues.

image 10 Image: Pixabay

     7. Metropolitan life background

Inspire yourself and the people in your meeting with a metropolitan-themed background, because who doesn’t love a big city with bright lights?

image 11 Image: Pexels

     8. Foodie background

What could be more relatable than the love for food? This background will surely get everyone talking and thinking about lunch.

image 12 Image: Unsplash

     9. Malaysian landmarks background

Have a meeting with your international counterparts? Then use this virtual background to introduce them to Malaysian culture.

image 13 Image: Freepik

     10. Childhood nostalgia background

Feeling tired of playing the role of an adult and working all the time? Add a little fun and nostalgia to your virtual background!

image 14 Image: Pixabay

     11. Minimalist background

Not one to opt for colourful or cluttered backgrounds? Forget fuss and frills with this background and keep all the attention on your meeting agenda.

image 15 Image: Kaboompics

     12. Booksmart background

Share your love for the written word with images of beautiful libraries. Plus, they add a touch of class to your background and overall vibe!

image 16 Image: Unsplash

     13. Luxury life background

Make the meeting a little more bearable with a touch of luxury to remind yourself of what you’re working for.

image 17 Image: Pixabay

     14. Home office background

Want to keep things private and not show your colleagues or clients your room or home office? Let everyone believe that this is truly what it looks like.

image 18 Image: Freepik

     15. Fitness buff background

Encourage a good fitness lifestyle or remind yourself of your #fitfam goals with this background.

image 19 Image: Stylestock

     16. Work-appropriate fantasy background

Get the creative juices flowing with a background that transports you to a land of fantasy.

image 20 Image: Unsplash

image 21 Source: Pixabay

     17. Abstract art background

Another way to inspire creativity is through art. Here is an artistic background that will stimulate your creative side.

image 22 Image: Pexels

     18. Rustic background

A great way to stay grounded in a meeting is to set a rustic background.

image 23 Image: Freepik

     19. Out-of-this-world background

Is it a UFO? Is it a satellite? Forget thinking out of the box, think out of this world with an outer space background.

image 24 Image: Pexels

     20. Seasonal background

While Malaysia has its rainy and sunny seasons, you can use this background when you are looking to experience other kinds of seasons.

image 25 Image: Freepik

image 26 Image: Freepik

     21. 7 Wonders of the World Background

Set your virtual background as your next travel destination.

image 27 Image: Pexels

     22. Garden background

Give your virtual meeting a refreshing and rejuvenating touch with a garden background.

image 28 Image: Pixabay

     23. Tech background

 Showcase your spirit of innovation and invention with a matrix background.

image 29 Image: Unsplash

     24. Independence day background

As 31 August 2022 approaches, you may want to prepare a background filled with Malaysian flags as your background and show your patriotic spirit!

image 30 Source: Pexels

     25. New Year background

We have passed the half-year mark and soon will be welcoming 2023. Can’t wait for the new year? Start early with this fun virtual background.

image 31 Image: Pixabay

     26. Cute dog background

Who wouldn’t appreciate a virtual background with man’s best friend? Plus you’ll be giving your clients and colleagues a dose of dopamine through pictures of cute doggies!

image 32 Image: Pexel

     27. Cute cat background

 Not a dog person? Set a calm and casual mood for the meeting with a background of an adorable little kitten instead.

image 33 Image: Kaboompics

     28. Oceanic background

 Drowning with work? This background will give your boss a hint! If not, you can still show your love for the ocean with this background.

image 34 Image: Unsplash

     29. Expressive background

Do you have something to express that is beyond words? Maybe this background can help.

image 35 Image: Unsplash

     30. Evolution background

No matter what kind of meeting you are having, having a background that shows the evolution on earth is a great way to set the tone for progress.

image 36 Image: Unsplash

     31. Cottage life background

Set a calm and peaceful tone for your meeting when you set this image as your background. It also makes for a great reminder if your life goal is to retire in a countryside cottage.

image 37 Image: Pexels

     32. Outdoor background

In the event you are mostly stuck indoors, you can set an outdoor background for your virtual meeting.

image 38 Image: Kaboompics

     33. Vintage car background

A fan of vintage cars? Then set one as your background and drift away in your thoughts if the meeting drags on longer than it should.

image 39 Image: Pexels

     34. Historical background

History tells us the story of the progress that was made over time. Setting up a history-themed virtual background will show your commitment to making history!

image 40 Image: Pexels

     35. Sci-Fi background

 There’s nothing like a little sci-fi to inspire a futuristic strategy and innovation!

image 41 Image: Pixabay

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