50 free futuristics fonts to make your design look modern and unique

August 15, 2022 Written by Abby Kury

Image: Behance

Want a futuristic, techie vibe for your brand visuals? Good thing you don’t need to launch into space for an out-of-this-world typeface.

We’ve got you covered with our selection of 50 futuristic fonts that are free to use for your next design.

1.   Quadaptor regular

image 2 Image: Typodermic Fonts

Nothing screams futuristic like a touch of techno. Designer Raymond Larabie describes Quadaptor as a retro, techno typeface inspired by the Dynaco audio equipment logo from the 1970s.

2.   Exo 1.0

image 3 Image: Ndiscover

This contemporary geometric sans serif typeface exudes a futuristic feeling with a largely elegant styling. Designed with versatility in mind, Exo has 9 weights (the maximum on the web) and works great as a display face.

3.   Neptune

image 4 Image: Behance

Inspired by its namesake, Neptune is a modern typeface that features a clean-cut sans serif that makes for the perfect headline or poster font.

4.   Finity

image 5 Image: Fontspace

This eye-catching double-stencilled typeface is fit for almost any format. Designer Agnes Bertothy described it as “a modern typeface that is inspired by futuristic technologies”.

5.   Daggersquare

image 6 Image: 1001fonts

This geometrical sans font style is available in two different variants, regular and oblique. Influenced by a touch of techno, Daggerquare is available in close to 200 characters.

6.   Aerolite

image 7 Image: 1001fonts

If you are looking for a typeface suitable for a body of text, then Aerolite is the right choice. Its kerning design makes it a futuristically legible font for communications work.

7.   Sacred Geometry

image 8 Image: Behance

Want something completely out of this world? This one’s for you – although this font is recommended as a single headline due to its complex styling.

8.   Halogen

image 9 Image: Behance

Bold and industrial, Halogen is an all-caps typeface that comes with alternate characters and western European accents.

9.   Perfect Dark BRK Font

image 10 Image: 1001fonts

One look at this font and you are transported for sure to a cinema hall and a sci-fi movie. Designed based on a game logo, this font uses extenders that give certain letters a longer top.

10.   Nasalization

image 11 Image: 1001fonts

True to a futuristic, space-inspired styling, this typeface is an ultramodern sans serif typeface with a nod to the 1975 NASA logo.

11.   Outage

image 12 Image: Lost Type

Outage is a bold, sans serif typeface that is available in two variants; Regular and Cut.

12.   Beware

image 13 Image: 1001fonts

This extra wide typeface is quite popular for futuristic, techno-themed content or media such as video games.

13.   Zero Hour

image 14 Image: 1001fonts

Another one by designer Raymond Larabie, this typeface features robotic letterforms that are sure to give your visual piece a dash of sci-fi, futuristic optimism.

14.   Riviera

image 15 Image: Behance

This expressive, bold and rounded styling is unmissable and much different from other futuristic fonts, making it a great option for a headline text.

15.   Orbitron

image 16 Image: 1001fonts

This font family features four weights (light, medium, bold, and black), and is a geometric sans-serif typeface intended for display purposes.

16.   Luciana

image 17 Image: Behance

Uniquely monospaced, Luciana offers a whimsical take on futuristic fonts.

17.   Library 3 AM

image 18 Image: 1001fonts

A one-line font, Library 3 AM comes in two styles and is a great font for a logo or poster design.

18.   TimeBurner

image 19 Image: 1001fonts

This circular, modern sans serif is geometrically futuristic and is available in regular and bold. It has a rather easy-on-the-eyes aesthetic, making it suitable for medium-length text usage.

19.   Raptor Sans

image 20 Image: Behance

Described as a retro-futuristic font, this bold set is inspired by sci-fi book cover designs that dated back to the 60s and 70s. If your vision is a nod to the past with a futuristic outlook, this can be the perfect font to use.

20.   Audiowide

image 21 Image: 1001fonts

Audiowide is a Unicode typeface family that works well for languages that use the Latin script and its variants. This sans serif is technology styled, offering a techno-futuristic appeal.

21.   Borg

image 22 Image: Behance

Drawing inspiration from the designs of Swedish furniture, Borg is a geometric typeface with a curved incision. This fun and versatile font was even used by a Greek football team called PAOK FC!

22.   Univox

image 23 Image: 1001fonts

A display typeface with super thin laser-strokes, Univox is sure to add a touch of sci-fi mystery to your visual piece. It can be difficult to read if you have it on a lengthy copy, though.

23.   Exan-3

image 24 Image: Behance

This monospaced typeface gives an exclusive futuristic edge that works great on various formats; from business cards to covers and even logos.

24.   Edge of the Galaxy

image 25 Image: Fontspace

With four different styles, this font is sure to remind you of some very popular sci-fi and futuristic fiction movies.

25.   Acetone

image 26Image: Fontspace

Minimalist and futuristic, this font is a perfect fit when used to create wordmarks, titles, book cover, taglines, and interior theme.

26.   Stray Robotalk

image 27 Image: Fontesk

Fresh off the oven, this techno-style typeface is inspired by the hit video game of 2022, Stray. Coming in four different variants, this font can be hard to read and better off used on pre-set content.

27.   Azonix

image 28 Image: Fontspace

This modern sans-serif bears that familiar millennium-era sci-fi video game styling. Its bold geometric aesthetics is one to consider if you’re going for print formats.

28.   Bladeline

image 29 Image: Fontspace

Uniquely featured at the joints, Bladeline stands out like no other. This bold font is best used as a feature headline or even as a logo.

29.   Cursed Timer

image 30 Image: Fontspace

Who would have thought that an old-school-style timer display can look so futuristic? Monospaced fonts such as this one would be great for main headlines and displays as opposed to lengthy texts.

30.   Zenith

image 31 Image: Fontspace

A futuristic sans-serif font in all caps, Zenith incorporates thin lines and geometric shapes – making it the perfect modernist font for any kind of composition.

31.   Ailerons Typeface

image 32 Image: Behance

It’s not all the time that you get such an elegant yet futuristic font. This clean typeface can be styled to any type of brand.

32.   Futurepolis 3000

image 33 Image: Fontspace

This pixel font is fun and youthful – think of mixing this with bolder typefaces for a unique blend of techno and a nod to the early 2000s futurist vibes.

33.   Astro

image 34 Image: Behance

Inspired by – you guessed it – astronomy, this modular typeface gives a completely different look and feel when you switch up between uppercase and lowercase caps.

34.   Spondulix

image 35 Image: Fonts4Free

The designer of this font ​​came across a poster for an exhibition that featured a costume illustration and bizarre-looking letters, inspiring him to this creation. The result is a typeface that blends in with the stylings we see in the 2020s but is best used in small doses.

35.   Estrogen

image 36 Image: AllFont

Want something unmissable? Estrogen is an LCD typeface available in three different Roman-style variants.

36.   Adventure Subtitle

image 37 Image: Fonts

With neutral curves and symmetry, Adventure Subtitle lives up to its name - a good font to consider for body copies.

37.   Anurati

image 38 Image: Behance

Great as a display typeface, Anurati is a minimalist futuristic font that’s best approached with a stricter character count.

38.   Blanka

image 39 Image: Behance

The sister font of Anurati, Blanka possesses stronger and defined edges.

39.   Averox

image 40 Image: Elements Envato

This futuristic sans gets its origins from sci-fi movies’ minimalist logo styles and elevates your design to another level when coloured in neon.

40. Osiris

image 41 Image: Elements Envato

A retro font with alternate letters, the font drove inspiration from the NASA logo. It includes uppercase multilingual letters with sharp edges and rounded letterforms.

41.   NuMono Dystopian Futuristic Font

image 42 Image: Pixel Surplus

As the name suggests, NuMono’s edgy characters and dystopian undertones make it perfect for a cyberpunk-themed visual.

42.   Bicrode

image 43 Image: Behance

Modern and bold with an italic touch, Bicrode stands out amongst other futuristic typefaces you’ve seen.

43.   FM Pointifax

image 44 Image: My Fonts

The funny thing about the aesthetics of this font is that it resembles a lot of the early days of computing. With the right touch, it can be perfect for a retro-futuristic design.

44.   Bios

image 45 Image: Elements Envato

Bios is a sans serif that comes in two weights, including multilingual uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation in different versions.

45.   Wormbox

image 46 Image: Behance

A sharp and rounded modular typeface that is well suited for apps and video games.

46.   Wraith Futuristic Font

image 47 Image: Elements Envato

Does this remind you of a famous movie saga’s title font? You’re probably right! This wide font with tight spacing exudes a futuristic feel.

47.   Ykar

image 48 Image: Behance

Consider this unicase modern sans-serif font that is versatile for web use, editorial and the like.

48.   Oboe

image 49 Image: Font Squirrel

Quirky and friendly, Oboe is pleasant for lighter content in sci-fi or futuristic themes.

49.   Moon

image 50 Image: Behance

A round typeface with a modern aesthetic that can blend well for a diverse range of visual formats.

50.   Blern

image 51 Image: Behance

This slab serif typeface comes in two stylings to choose from – perfect as either a headline text or even longer copies.

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