10 ways graphic design support can help your business

June 28, 2022 Written by Abby Kury

Regardless of what industry or business you are in, graphic design work is always going to be part and parcel of your overall brand strategy. You’ll need graphic design support to create effective marketing materials like brochures, business cards, leaflets, and banners to further develop and advertise your business.

Even then, you’ll still need graphic design support long after that to carry out promotions, social media content and more to ensure that your business stays relevant and top-of-mind.

But good design is not as simple as a pretty-looking poster, for example. Sure, how it looks makes a lot of difference and can create a more tangible outcome such as drawing attention, getting people to consume the content and whatnot, but the process behind that creative execution is what turns that marketing collateral into business results.

Graphic design is beyond beautiful shapes and colours; it deserves more credit than just being good for “making products or things look more attractive”, and it can definitely give your business the boost it needs and deserves.

Still not convinced? Here are 10 solid reasons your business needs graphic design support.

1.   It creates a brand

image 2 Image: Pexels

Graphic design will help you create and own one of the most fundamental creative assets that your business could ever have, which is a brand logo.

Creating one isn’t as simple as looking at what shapes and typography look good. There are a few factors at play here such as your brand story and what visual elements embody it. Hence, designing a brand logo is definitely an area where you need graphic design support, especially from a designer that understands your story and how you want to be seen and recognised.

2.   It helps you stand out in the market

As competition continues to increase, it’s more important than ever to increase your company’s competitive advantage. By separating your brand look and feel from the common or similar ways your competitors usually dress in, you’ll attract more eyes to your brand – in other words, graphic design support can help you crush the competition with creativity.

3.   It improves visual communication

The brain processes graphics and images over six hundred thousand times faster than text, which means that you should take advantage of visual cues to ensure that your brand grabs attention whenever it can – and keeps it.

If you're not using or incorporating visual content into your communication strategy, then you are at risk of your brand not sticking at all. This is where having the right graphic design support is so important; you’d want the perfect balance of text and visual elements that only seasoned designers can put together.

4.   It ensures brand consistency

Just as how you would not suddenly change your logo or strapline for different platforms and formats, the same goes when it comes to graphic design for the different marketing collaterals that you may need.

You need dedicated graphic design support from an expert that knows how best to flip, frame, switch up and adapt baseline design styles to fit into different content formats without compromising on quality.

5.   It will help push sales

image 3 Image: Unsplash

At the end of the day, the main objective of your marketing collateral is to sell. If something looks good, it immediately adds a perception of value in people’s minds. We are conditioned to lean towards aesthetically pleasing things, so having tasteful design directly contributes to how valuable your products, merchandise or services seem to your prospective customers or clients.

To put it simply, the more prestige your brand or product is perceived to have, the better the conversion of your sales funnel. 

6.   It helps your brand stay efficient

It’s a fast-paced world out there. Every single brand is ‘always on’, consistently sharing their stories on digital platforms that never sleep. In the same vein, your brand needs to communicate new content and materials on a daily basis to stay within your audience’s line of sight and enhance brand recall.

Due to this great demand for constant churning of creative work, it is critical for brands – no matter big or small – to have reliable and efficient graphic design support whenever they need it.

7.   It keeps your brand trendy

This pointer ties back closely to the previous one. Not only do you need to be ‘on’ all the time, but you’ll also need to be on the right track of trends.

Missing out on a potential sales campaign tied to festive periods, for example, is detrimental to your overall business. Things happen fast, so you need to capitalise on trends and incorporate them back into your brand through visual content pieces that are easily conveyed and consumed.

8.   It connects with different audience personas

Defining the different types of audience personas is critical to your sales and marketing strategy, as it will tell you how to communicate with them. Buyer personas remind you to put your audience’s wants and needs ahead of your own and help you create content to better target your ideal customer.

Since different types of audiences react to aesthetics that match their personas (and this can extend to typography or even packaging design), you’ll need the help of a graphic designer to create artworks that can effectively convey your message to your audiences in a visually appealing way.

9.   It maintains a sense of professionalism

Some businesses opt to have their in-house marketers use online design tools to create content and graphic design. The common issue with that is that the end product almost never looks as sharp or polished as a professionally designed item.

While quick tools are handy for minor content, it is still crucial to create and maintain professional-looking graphics across all touchpoints as this would help your customers feel secure when dealing with your business. It gives the impression that your business is reliable, credible and knows what it is doing.

image 4 Image: Unsplash

10.   It tells your story

At the end of the day, graphic design functions as a way for you to tell your story. After you establish what assets you need and decide how you want your story to be told with keywords, photographs of inspiration, symbols and colours that evoke the feeling of your brand, you’d still need graphic design support to help it all come to life and make it uniquely yours.

In reality, good design is the foundation of every brand’s story; the identity, the user experience of the website, the way complex information about products is organised and provided, and even the art direction of the brand’s collateral all form the foundation of what the brand wants to be and how it wants people to feel about it.

Enlist the best graphic design support from Brandripe

image 5 

Having the right graphic design support is more than just having a team of designers at your disposal. You need experts who are well-versed in different aspects of creativity, from how to best illustrate your new product or service to creating engaging social media story carousels for audience engagement, and even beyond that.

That’s exactly what Brandripe is: experts in graphic design that can help you boost your business no matter what stage it is in.

As a trusted partner for prominent Southeast Asian brands, we can help you create or transform your logo, help you stand out among the competition, connect with your target audience and more – basically, we check all the boxes for reasons your business needs graphic design support.

But, in case you need a little more convincing, here are eight reasons to partner up with us:

  • You’ll have unlimited requests, which means that you will be able to make as many revisions and requests as you want.
  • You’ll get a 14-day risk-free trial, to test your project with a designer, evaluate their performance and give feedback.
  • You can survey and select from over 200 design options, spanning different categories such as social media posts, infographics, brochures, posters, logos, merchandise and more -- all created by a team of graphic designers with different core competencies to ensure that all types of design needs are met.
  • You get fast and reliable services, as Brandripe’s 24- to 48-hour turnaround time ensures that your design will be ready as soon as possible.
  • You won’t be blindsided with hidden fees, as only one flat rate is charged each month and you’ll have access to a team of professional designers. There are also no overhead costs, no contracts and no commitments.
  • You will get full flexibility, meaning you can create as many designs as you want, pay as you go, or pause and cancel as you wish.
  • You will receive quality work for a reasonable price, with a monthly package that starts at RM1,695 and includes pre-vetted designers, a dedicated project manager, unlimited requests and revisions.
  • You will get full ownership of the designs, so you’ll have 100% rights to both the outcome and source files that were created just for you and your business.

If that sounds like what you and your business need, get in touch with us for a 15-minute VIP Demo Call,  or drop us a line at hi@brandripe.com or ping us via chat on the main page!



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