The freelance graphic designer dilemma: Cost vs quality in Australia

February 2, 2024 Written by Abby Kury

As a unique market, Australia's robust trade and investment ties with rapidly expanding economies position it as an inherent conduit for global business, offering privileged entry to the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.  

If you are a brand looking to get a piece of the pie, you’ll need to make sure that you stand out among the many competing brands out there looking to dominate the market.  

What’s that saying again? Oh yes, content is king. You’ve probably heard us write that time and again if you’ve been following our blog very closely. 

The key to any successful marketing strategy is the content – how it speaks to the target audience, catches their attention and eventually influences an action. Creating great content isn’t easy or cheap, hence the demand for graphic design services has soared, prompting many businesses to turn to freelance graphic designers for their creative needs.  

The allure of freelancers lies in their flexibility, diversity and often cost-effective solutions.  

However, as businesses delve into this expansive pool of creative talent, they find themselves facing a significant dilemma: striking the delicate balance between cost and quality.  

Brandripe understands the struggle. We bridge the gap between budget-friendly rates and premium design quality, offering access to a network of talented professionals, streamlined project management and unlimited revisions – all under one roof.  

But before we get into that, let’s talk about the subject at hand. 

Top 3 common trade-offs of hiring freelance graphic designers  

With average salaries for graphic designers in Australia ranging around the $80,000 mark as of January 2024, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups turn to freelancers for their design needs, particularly for short-term engagements. 

1- Uncertainty in costs 

image 2 No business would appreciate hidden or sudden costs. Image: Freepik 

One of the primary challenges faced by businesses when hiring freelance graphic designers is the uncertainty surrounding costs. Unlike hiring an in-house designer with a fixed salary, freelancers typically charge on a project or hourly basis.  

This variability in pricing can be a double-edged sword for businesses, offering flexibility but also introducing an element of unpredictability into budgeting. 

Freelancers set their rates based on various factors such as experience, skill level and demand for their services. This diversity in pricing structures makes it challenging for businesses to establish a standardised budget for graphic design projects.  

Furthermore, the lack of transparency in freelancers' pricing models can lead to unexpected costs, potentially jeopardising a project's financial viability. 

2- Varying levels of quality 

image 3 Design quality is a necessity in a competitive business scene. Image: Dribbble 

In the pursuit of cost-effectiveness, businesses may inadvertently compromise on the quality of graphic design work. Freelancers operate within a broad spectrum of expertise and experience, and the quality of their output can vary significantly.  

While some freelancers may deliver exceptional work that aligns perfectly with a business's brand image, others may fall short of expectations, leading to a mismatch in the desired and actual outcomes. 

The varying levels of quality can be attributed to differences in education, training, and exposure to diverse design projects. For businesses, this presents a challenge in finding a freelance graphic designer who not only fits within their budget constraints but also consistently delivers high-quality work.  

3- Inflexible turnaround time 

image 4  Freelancers, as the name suggests, are not particularly tied to a certain timeline but their own. Image: Freepik 

As freelancers, they do have to work in their best interests in setting realistic turnaround times to deliver to clients. Often as they are individuals servicing different clients versus working in a team, they operate around a preset timeline that best allows them to meet client expectations.  

What this means for you as a business is a less flexible turnaround time – simply due to the lack of manpower and capacity. You’ll need to plan ahead on your marketing activities and ensure you have clear communication and agreement with the freelancer to deliver what you need on time.  

Brandripe’s solution to navigating the freelance graphic designer dilemma  ‚Äč

image 5 
Brandripe is your one-stop-shop for everything graphic design. 

While these are just the top 3 common challenges businesses face when engaging freelancers, there could be other pitfalls.  

Here’s a reliable solution that offers both cost-effectiveness and a guarantee of high-quality designs: Brandripe, a graphics design outsourcing provider that can be the best alternative for your business! 

What we offer:

1. Transparent pricing models 

Brandripe distinguishes itself by offering transparent pricing models, providing businesses with a clear understanding of the costs associated with their graphic design projects. By eliminating the guesswork from budgeting, businesses can confidently plan and allocate resources for their design needs.  

We offer fuss-free subscriptions that you can opt for, depending on your budget range. You can go for one-time sign-ups if you’re looking for a brief engagement, or save in the long run by subscribing to our longer-term packages (with additional savings).  

2. Dedicated designer  

Brandripe understands the paramount importance of quality in graphic design, especially when it comes to ensuring that your content conveys a consistent brand identity. Each client will be assigned a dedicated graphics designer from our team, based on your custom needs – such as an animation designer or a print expert. 

We know how crucial it is to have the right expert working on specific design needs and we give our clients the assurance that the designers they engage with possess the expertise necessary to elevate their visual identity. 

3. Guaranteed turnaround time between 24 and 48 hours 

Compared to working with individual freelancers, our graphic designers at Brandripe are assigned to dedicated clients. This ensures a good match to expertise as well as a balanced workload to enable agile turnaround time.   

We are committed to delivering between 24 and 48 hours, as we understand first-hand how important it is to be agile and move at the speed the audience consumes content. This is why so many notable brands have chosen to partner with us – we’re able to move efficiently while delivering quality work! 

Hit the ground running with Brandripe  

With innovative solutions like Brandripe, businesses looking to penetrate the Australian market can find a reliable middle ground, ensuring both cost-effectiveness and high-quality designs. 

Find out more about how we can help you with your graphics design needs – schedule a 15-minute Demo Call at a time that suits you for our team to connect with you!


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