Level up your graphic design skills with these courses in Australia (2024)

February 15, 2024 Written by Abby Kury

Image: Pexels 

Graphic design isn't just trendy, it's a superpower in today's hyper-visual world. Companies are scrambling for skilled designers who can make their brands sing,and who can weave narratives that captivate audiences and drive results. It’s a consumer’s world out there, and the demand for skilled graphic designers is on the rise.  

Whether you're a wide-eyed creative yearning to build your portfolio or a savvy entrepreneur seeking to unlock your brand's full potential, graphic design courses hold the key. They're your launchpad to a fulfilling career, a passport to a world where imagination meets opportunity. 

As a graphics design outsourcing provider, our team at Brandripe knows firsthand the magic unleashed by exceptional visuals. Our team, collaborating with industry giants, understands the pulse of the design landscape. We've seen the transformative power of design, the way it can elevate brands, connect with hearts and shape perceptions. 

In this article, we’ll share some insight on graphic design courses in Australia that can expedite skill development for both beginners and advanced learners.

Graphic design courses for beginners

image 2  Australia has plenty of reputable graphic design courses for you to take. Image: Visme 

For those taking their initial steps into the captivating world of graphic design, it's essential to find courses that provide a strong foundation while being approachable for beginners. 

To start, there are loads of great courses online that you can check out. It’s key that you filter through the vast options available and find credible learning sources, and as such, we evaluated Udemy's "Graphic Design Masterclass - Learn Great Design" as a noteworthy option.  

Not only is this brand new (as it has been updated and added in January 2024), this online course is crafted to be accessible to beginners, offering a comprehensive overview of graphics design. In this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of typography, colour theory, photography, layout, composition and various other design theories and skills.  

Its self-paced structure allows learners to progress at their own speed, catering to the varied learning styles of beginners. 

If you’re looking for something more formal and academic, however, there as plenty of Australian universities that are offering great graphic design courses. You can check out TAFE Queensland’s Certificate in Design Fundamentals.  

Offered in both their Greater Brisbane and Gold Coast campuses, this course is all about establishing the fundamentals and can be a stepping stone in setting you up for a career in graphics design.  

The plus side of obtaining a formal certification from TAFE Queensland is great for your credentials, this certification will equip you with essential skills applicable in both creative industries and corporate environments.  

You will cultivate practical expertise and understanding to delve into colour usage, create drawings and devise effective design solutions. 

Graphic design courses for advanced learners  

image 3  Learning does not need to stop, ever – especially if you’re a graphic designer. Image: Pinterest 

Graphic design is a dynamic field that requires continuous learning and adaptation. There’s always a new content trend and the rise of AI usage demands that you constantly embrace new technologies for graphics design.  

If you’re somewhat of a seasoned creative looking to sharpen your skills and cement your position in the market as a subject matter expert, we highly recommend checking out the following graphic design courses. 

For individuals already equipped with basic design knowledge or professionals looking to refine their skills, advanced graphic design courses are essential.  

The Australian Academy of Graphic Design offers a couple of intermediate and advanced-level certifications and courses that are great to supplement your credentials. 

The postgraduate programme helps you develop an in-depth understanding of graphic design to lead complex creative projects and take your career to the next level.  

As an experienced graphics designer, you would find yourself working more on the strategic design direction for your clients. Hence, it’s important that you are able to take a creative brief and turn it into a big-picture strategic framework to deliver the desired outcomes for your clients, and also be equipped with the skills to manage and cascade the strategy to your team. 

On the online front, "Graphic Design Specialization" offered by Coursera in collaboration with the California Institute of the Arts is a standout choice for advanced learners.  

This specialisation consists of multiple courses covering advanced topics such as branding, typography and design thinking.  

What’s great is that you can gain insights from industry professionals and apply their knowledge to real-world projects, ensuring a holistic understanding of advanced graphic design principles. 

Brandripe: Bridging theory and practice 

image 4 The team at Brandripe. 

While completing graphic design courses is undoubtedly valuable, the true test of proficiency lies in applying learned skills to practical scenarios. The gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world execution can be bridged through platforms that showcase professional design work. This is where Brandripe comes into play. 

We are the trusted graphic design partner to many prominent and emerging brands, such as Allianz, Royal Canin and more. By exploring the portfolios showcased on our website, learners can gain insights into how design principles are applied in practical scenarios in the world of content and advertising.

As the journey from novice to expert involves not only theoretical learning but also practical application, aspiring designers and business owners are encouraged to actively apply what they learn.  

Whether it's creating a logo for a small business or designing marketing materials, hands-on experience is crucial for skill development. Brandripe can serve as a source of inspiration and a platform to witness successful design projects. Brandripe is your bridge to design execution. 

Interested in joining our team of expert designers? Drop us a line at hi@brandripe.com! 

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