4 winning strategies for Facebook ads that marketers need to know in 2023

August 4, 2023 Written by Abby Kury


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With more than 2.9 billion users globally, Facebook continues to dominate and seems to grow from strength to strength, despite seeing fierce competition from emerging social media like its sister platform, Instagram.  

In our previous article, we delved into essential statistics about Facebook that can help you keep your marketing strategy up-to-date and effective.   

Now, we're taking it further by sharing the top 4 tips every marketer should know for running successful Facebook ads in 2023. 

But before we get into it, let’s talk about the WHY. 

Why you should invest in Facebook ads for marketing

Every brand and business would greatly benefit from advertising on Facebook. Image: Pixabay 

It's a smart move with plenty of benefits! With billions of active users, Facebook offers a vast audience to connect with and raise your brand's visibility.  

Plus, their advanced ad targeting tools ensure your ads reach the right people based on their interests and behaviors, making your marketing efforts more effective.  

And the best part? You can set a budget that works for you; no need to break the bank. Facebook also provides insightful analytics to track your ad performance and make improvements. Building relationships with customers becomes easier as well, thanks to the platform's interactive nature. 

And let’s face it – nearly everyone you know is on Facebook, and even you can admit to being drawn to Facebook ads every now and then. 

4 strategies for creating good Facebook ads 

Well, now that we’ve reminded you why you should definitely run ads for your business or brand on Facebook, it’s time to figure out the HOW. 

Here are four winning strategies that can help you create amazing Facebook ads that will boost conversions and sales: 

  1. Hook your audience with a longer copy  

Crafting a persuasive ad copy, but make it long. Image: Unsplash 

In the past, the trick to delivering the best ads always hinged on the overall creative or content strategy. The visuals must pop and the copies are kept short and sweet.

While visuals still hold immense importance, the current trend leans towards incorporating more textual information alongside the imagery. 

Copywriters and graphic designers used to adhere to a rigid 20% text and 80% visual rule when it comes to designing content for Facebook ads. However, that’s all gone now and the trend is to include more textual information alongside the visual.  
Despite this newfound inclination for textual content, Facebook remains a highly visual platform. Balancing these elements effectively can be challenging, as your creative team must strive to deliver powerful content that captures attention while maintaining the ideal text-to-visual ratio. 

  1. Access new audiences through broad targeting and dynamic content 


Facebook's extensive database supports targeted advertising, connecting businesses with their ideal audiences efficiently. Image: Wordstream 

Scaling up your ad campaigns while maintaining effective targeting is a very tricky feat. Embrace a more agile approach that involves initially launching your campaigns with a highly defined and focused audience. From there, you can build layers and segments to broaden your targeting scope. 
This is essentially broad targeting, whereby you reach a wider audience by targeting multiple interests, behaviours and demographics at once. This is not to be confused with lookalike audiences who are basically similar audiences to your existing customer base. 

In order for your broad targeting campaign to be successful though, you’d need to have a variety of content in multiple formats and designs. Very much similar to A/B testing, you need to be patient and take the time to learn what copy or design works for different subsets of audiences and adapt your strategy to what elicits the best responses for these audiences. 

  1. Pay more attention to how your video ads are designed  

Optimise video appearance for impactful ads to capture viewers' attention effectively. Image:

Here’s an interesting fact; 65% of video content views by users on Facebook are through mobile. However, over 85% of users actually watch videos with the sound off. This is mainly due to the default video browsing settings, which have silent auto-play enabled until the user actively clicks on the video to listen. 
For savvy marketers, this presents a golden opportunity to harness the power of video content, as it's the most consumed type of media on Facebook. Work hand in hand with your creative team to create compelling video content that catches a user’s attention and leads them to want to watch further. 
So, while video content reigns supreme on the platform, the secret sauce lies in creating visually engaging videos that not only stand out but also deliver a message that resonates even without relying on sound.  

By doing so, you'll maximise your chances of captivating your audience, driving more meaningful engagement, and ultimately achieving your marketing objectives on Facebook.

  1. Explore Advantage+ campaigns  


Advantage+ shopping campaigns, which are part of Meta's Advantage+ products, are newer ad setup types that are tailored to boost your online sales efficiently using the power of machine learning.  

Its main proposition is less setup time and increased effectiveness, with fewer inputs needed during campaign creation. With Advantage+ shopping campaigns, you can set up to 8 per country, giving Facebook more chances to reach those potential customers who are itching to buy your stuff.   

It also automatically tests up to 150 creative combinations and delivers the highest-performing ads – which further stresses the importance of having quality, engaging content in place to ensure that your campaign is effective. 

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