A step-by-step checklist for growing brands to scale creatively

September 7, 2023 Written by Abby Kury

Business owners agree that scaling creative output is essential for success. Scaling is the process of efficiently using minimal resources to increase profits and revenues.  

In the world of creative outputs, scaling means creating a high volume of high-quality creative content with minimal resources within a short time period.  

This is a challenging endeavour, but it is essential for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition. Here are the few most common challenges that businesses face when scaling their creative output:

  • Lack of resources

    Ironically, even if the point of scaling was to use fewer resources, resources are required to kickstart the scalability of a business. 

  • Lack of expertise

    If your company is looking to scale into an untapped platform such as moving from brick and mortar to online shopping, then it will mean your business needs specialised designers such as user experience (UX), visual design and branding.

    Getting the in-house expertise will not only be difficult but it may be costly as well.

  • Lack of alignment

    When you want to produce high-quality creatives in a short time frame, you need to have a clear workflow and approval process between all relevant departments which can be difficult to accomplish.  

  • Lack of visibility  

    With a high volume of creative work, some projects can get lost in the crowd of projects. This can lead to a loss of visibility to track and measure. Such a loss can be detrimental to the business's bottom line.  

Benefits of outsourcing creative tasks 

 image 2 The best and fastest way to scale is to outsource where needed. Image: Pexels 

If you're looking to scale your creative outputs, you've come to the right place. Here are reasons to consider outsourcing your creative outputs: 

  1. Save money 

    Think about how much you spent on creative outputs last year when you worked with freelancers. While you may have gained access to creative skills, the drawbacks were the accumulated costs of revisions, creative ownership and high turnover rates.  

    Even if you hired in-house, there were billable hours to consider, which were spent on training, extended timelines for revisions and the frustration of sending back designs that did not meet your expectations.  

    When you consider all of these costs, the right outsourcing partner can be a cost-effective way to get what you want at a standard monthly rate with no hidden costs or confusing jargon in the invoices that would give your finance department a headache. 

  2. Access to a creative team

    When you outsource to a trusted on-demand design service, you get more than just good designs. You get access to a creative team with their own unique creative direction to give your creative outputs a wider variety.  

    Depending on how much creative output you need for your company, you can set up your own in-house creative team that is supported by a trusted design service to supercharge your creative scaling strategy.  

  3. Free up internal resources 

    Time is scarce and non-refundable. So, it’s important to allocate your talents wisely for higher-value roles that can contribute to the company’s bottom line.  

Checklist for scaling creative output for your brand 

image 3 This four-step process will ease your scaling process. Image: Pexels 

Not sure where to start? Here’s a really good list we’ve put together for you: 

  1. Review past creative outputs 

    Reviewing past creative outputs is essential for understanding where your business stands and for planning realistic goals for the future.  

    By looking at the number of creative outputs you produced last year, you can get a sense of your current capacity and identify areas where you can improve. You can also cross-check the costs incurred to see if you are spending your resources wisely.

  2. From the review, create a scalable design process

    The goal is to have a system in place for generating, developing and producing creative content in a streamlined and replicable manner. By doing so, you can easily scale it as your organisation grows.  

  3. Build a design team to set things into motion 

    A creative team is essential for scaling output because it brings together a group of talented individuals with different skills and perspectives who can work together to produce high-quality creative content.  

Here are some of the roles within a creative team: 

  • Creative director: The creative director is responsible for the overall vision and direction of the creative team. They work with the team to develop concepts, approve designs, and ensure that the team's work meets the company's goals. 
  • Designers: Designers are responsible for creating the visual aspects of the creative content. They work with the creative director to develop concepts and then use their skills in typography, layout, colour and other visual elements to bring those concepts to life. 
  • Copywriters: Copywriters are responsible for creating the text that accompanies the creative content.  
  • Animators: Animators are responsible for creating the motion graphics that accompany the creative content. 
  • Video editors: Video editors are responsible for editing the videos that accompany the creative content.

Once a creative team has been assembled, it is important to provide them with the resources they need to be successful. This includes providing them with the training, tools and support they need to do their jobs.  

By building a strong creative team and providing them with the resources they need, businesses can scale their creative output and achieve their business goals. 

  1. Have Brandripe as part of your creative team  

image 4   Fuel your growth with Brandripe by elevating creativity and streamlining resources.Image: Brandripe 

Brandripe is an on-demand design subscription that offers the expertise of graphic designers, animators and video editors under a single price tag.  

Here are some very good reasons as to why you should partner with us: 

  • Access unparalleled expertise: With Brandripe, you tap into a creative talent pool whose expertise has been honed through collaborations with a diverse array of brands, ensuring that your creative content is of the highest calibre. 
  • Seamless collaboration and alignment: Brandripe's proven transparent process facilitates seamless collaborations and alignments across departments. We've successfully partnered with over 500 SMEs, startups, marketing teams and agencies. This synergy ensures that your creative endeavors consistently align with your brand's vision, goals and departmental objectives. 
  • Unburden your resources 

By partnering with Brandripe, you offload the complexities of maintaining an in-house creative team. This enables you to allocate resources strategically, focusing on core business functions that drive revenue and growth. Say goodbye to the headaches of hiring, training and managing a creative team – Brandripe takes care of it all. 

  • Cost-efficiency and predictability 

Our all-inclusive subscription model means you're in control of your budget. No more unexpected costs or confusing invoices. With a standard monthly rate, you gain access to a creative team that's ready to amplify your brand's creative output, all while staying within your financial plan. 

  • Elevate creative diversity  

Partnering with Brandripe means gaining access to a diverse creative team, each contributing unique perspectives and innovative ideas. Your creative content will benefit from a variety of design approaches, resulting in more engaging and impactful outputs. 

  • Accelerated scaling  

Brandripe's resources and expertise turbocharge your scaling efforts. With our support, you can rapidly increase your creative output, responding to market demands and staying ahead of competitors. 

  • Focus on core competencies 

Free up your internal talent and time by entrusting your creative needs to Brandripe. Your team can concentrate on activities that directly contribute to your business's bottom line, leaving the creative complexities to us. 

Intrigued? Curious about what Brandripe can bring to your brand's growth journey? Experience it firsthand.  

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